651 Silicon Bronze Screw - Slotted Flat Head
#10 Bronze Wood Screw
Silicon Bronze Wood Screws
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#10 Silicon Bronze Wood Screws

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Flat Head, Oval Head, Frearson Drive, Slotted, and Square Drive

These Silicon Bronze wood screws are the highest quality available. We carry them in a variety of sizes and lengths, and with Flat Heads, Oval Heads, in Frearson Drive, Slotted Drive, and also some sizes in Square drive. 

#10 Wood Screw Dimensions:
 Head Diameter (Imperial) Head Diameter (Metric) Shank Diameter (Imperial) Shank Diameter (Metric)
0.385" (~25/64") 9.78mm
0.190" (~3/16") 4.83mm

What makes our wood screws the best?


Full Body: Our bronze wood screws have a shank diameter that is the same size as the outside of the threads. That means your clearance hole will be completely filled, creating a waterproof seal. Full bodied screws are made from a larger wire stock than screws that aren't full bodied, meaning they are stronger when they hold and stronger when you are driving them in.

Cut Threads: The threads are cut, not rolled. Rolled threads have a reduced shank size, and but ours have a full sized shank and sharper threads. Most other companies produce rolled thread screws and you'll find they twist and break when driving them in, and can leave a compromised fastener in your project without even knowing it.

Cold Pressed Heads: The heads on these screws are cold formed, which hardens them through a process called "work hardening". Experience less stripped screw heads with our cold pressed heads.

Guaranteed 651 Silicon Bronze Alloy: We guarantee that you'll get the correct alloy when you order through us. 651 Silicon Bronze is the ideal alloy for bronze screws in your traditional boat building project, therefore it's the only alloy we will supply our wood screws in. The others may be cheaper, but they're likely not the silicon bronze alloy they claim to be.

Traditional boatbuilders know that there is a glut of imposter alloys and bargain bronze wood screws out there on the market, but Fair Wind Fasteners only supplies Silicon Bronze wood screws of the highest marine grade.

What is a Frearson or Reed & Prince Drive?

Check our wood screw size chart.

Fair Wind Screw Lube



Don't forget to add some Screw Lube to help drive these screws home. Less effort in driving, less stripped heads, and protection from corrosion is right here with Fair Wind Screw Lube - Specifically formulated for boat building!


Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
#10 Silicon Bronze Wood Screws

Great product as usual.

Steve Clarkson
Very nice quality screws

Shipped quickly. Nicely machined hardware. Really sharp threads! Looked great when installed.

Boat Restoration

Great product, arrived sooner rather than later.

Samuel Pinger
Excellent product for woodworking

I wanted a very strong fastener to attach hinges to an oak door because I have had the experience of a screw head popping off when fastened into hard wood. I needed #10 screws to fit in the countersunk holes in the hinges. And I wanted a 1 1/2” length. I didn’t want to use stainless steel because of the finish but I couldn’t find the oil rubbed look I wanted. I came across Fair Wind silicon bronze screws on-line and called them up. The service was excellent. I chose a fastener and appropriate drill bits based on their suggestions. The quality of the silicon bronze fasteners was superb. Extremely strong with beautiful sharp and precise threads. This means a LOT to a woodworker. I had no fear of the heads popping off and they worked flawlessly. I changed the finish color of the brass screws with a darkening/aging product, which took 5 minutes. In short I will definitely buy from Fair Wind again. I just wish they were located in my town.

Darwin Busa
Found my goto fastener source

Silicon Bronze wood screws are hard to find locally. After searching MS Bing Chat I found Fair Wind Fasteners and ordered a box of #10 Bronze Wood Screws. They came quickly and work great for my project. This is a company that does everything right based on my experience. I will be back.