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Frearson/Reed & Prince Driver Bits

Part Number: BIT-FR-F1

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You'll find our Frearson / Reed & Prince driver bits to be hardened enough to last a long time, but not so hard that they are brittle and break apart during a tough job. While they may look similar, don't confuse these with a Phillips drive which has a far less positive connection between the driver bit and the screw. If using Frearson drive screws, these Frearson bits are the right driver to pair with them.
  • 1-15/16" Long, Hex Shank
  • Suitable for impact drivers.

F1 fits screw sizes #2 - #6

F2 fits screw sizes #4 - #12

F3 fits screw sizes #14 - #18

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
George Jonaris
Wonderful service

The price was right. The transaction went very smoothly. The bits were received on time. I am a happy customer.

Highly recommend.

Capt Dan
I can re-use screws and go all day with one driver bit!

I'm impressed. I remember reusing screws but for years that hasn't been possible. They strip out or break. But I have had to drive in and remove these screws a few times and hey still go in like new! I haven't had a single one cam out!

Jory Levy

Frearson/Reed & Prince Driver Bits

Matthew C Meyer
Great company with which to deal!

Love a company such as this one. I could dial in the connectors I needed (size, style, material, etc.) with ease and customer communication is excellent.

Andrew Meyers

Frearson/Reed & Prince Driver Bits