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Solid Copper Roves
Copper Rove for Boatbuilding
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Copper Roves

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  • Like all of our fasteners, our roves are sold by the piece, with quantity discounts listed above. Enter the exact number of roves you would like in the quantity box and your discount will be calculated automatically.

These dome shaped Copper Roves pair well with our smooth shank, copper common nails to form a strong rivet. Commonly used in lapstrake boatbuilding, these roves are pounded over a copper nail and then the tip of the nail is blunted over to create a copper rivet. This domed shape begins to flatten when riveting, thereby constricting its hole tighter around the nail

These roves are domed, and are used similarly to our copper burrs, which are flat like a washer.

The gauge number on the rove is corresponds to the gauge nail that it is meant to be used with, and these roves are very snug fitting and need to be pounded on. The handy measurement guide below will help determine which size rove you require. You can cross-reference it with the similar guide on the copper nail page.

 Rove Size Inner Diameter (ID) Outer Diameter (OD)
#8 0.157" (5/32") 0.750" (3/4")
#10 0.118" (~1/8") 0.630" (~5/8")
#12 0.078" (5/64") 0.500" (1/2")
#14 0.063" (1/16") 0.436" (7/16")

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Walt Moring
Great Product and wonderful customer service

The product was exactly as advertised and worked great.

Chris Martin
Everything I got was ship shape!

The Fasteners were exactly what I needed!

Wyatt Bruce
Great product and customer service

Great product, great price. Very fast delivery time. 10/10

Jason cajune
Great product and service

Hard to find boat fasteners and they had them to me quickly. Nice to have this service

jean bennett
Great product, exactly what we were looking for

Just what we wanted, well made and reasonably priced. Good customer care.