Silicon Bronze Acorn Nuts

Silicon Bronze Acorn Nuts

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These acorn nuts (often called cap nuts) are 655 Silicon Bronze alloy and machined in the USA. They're great for capping off keel bolts, finishing visible bronze knees, or for any other purpose where aesthetics are important. They come un-polished, but polish up very easily.

Other sizes not listed here are available in any of our fasteners. Just get in touch if you can't find the size or type of fastener that you need.

10-24 0.361" (9.18mm) 0.310" (7.87mm)
1/4"-20 0.431" (10.95mm) 0.463" (11.75mm)
5/16-18 0.510" (12.95mm) 0.527" (13.37mm)
3/8"-16 0.550" (13.97mm) 0.605"(15.37mm)
1/2"-13 0.740" (18.79mm) 0.533" (13.54mm)


To go with your Acorn Nuts, don't forget your silicon bronze washers!

Need an anti-seize and thread protectant for these nuts? Don't forget to add on some Fair Wind Screw Lube.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Howard Roche
Thanks for having the bronze acorn nuts that we needed and the fast shipment

Your product, the six acorn nuts, arrived in time just as you told us it would. Thanks of the fast shipping. Our 61 year old, wooden, Swedish built sailboat named Annika would like to thank you as well. The boat is fastened with bronze screws below the water line and then bronze rivets above the water line. Perfect!

Baltic Boat Works, LLC
Bronze Acorn

Very rarely does anyone need a bronze acorn nut - and therefore they tend to be hard to find! Brass is NOT a viable alternative… Fair Wind Fasteners now has read silicon bronze acorn nuts - and they are selling them in small quantities - very, very much appreciated!

Patrick Mertaugh
Great quality marine fasteners

High quality Bronze bolts and screws. Quick shipping and great customer service.

Roger Laureno
Silicon bronze acorn nuts

Wanted to double nut my engine stringer /frame bolts since nylocks are not available in 5/16- 18 so I decided to use a heavy nut then lock it with an acorn nut on the outside . Looks great and adds a nice little touch to my mahogany runabout

Charlie White
Great source for bronze fasteners!

We needed to find bronze acorn nuts, and these folks were great to order from - they have quick turnaround and very good communication. I will definitely order from them again!