Copper Common Nail - Rivet
Copper Nails
8 gauge copper nails
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Copper Common Nails

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99.9% Pure Copper Common Nails / Rivets / Spikes

Commonly referred to as copper rivets in boatbuilding, these smooth shank copper common nails are made from pure, solid copper, the highest grade available. 

Our nails are available in standard gauges (penny sizes), and are useful for a variety of projects beyond wooden boatbuilding as well. Sink one in a tree stump to kill the the tree for easier removal, use them for copper flashing, or hang up your cedar shingles with copper nails. These will last much longer than galvanized nails in coastal regions, and are suitable for use below the waterline on a sea-going boat. They also work great for decorative projects, or accents on cedar stripped canoes. Use our handy guide below to measure shank and head sizes to make sure that what you are ordering will fit your application.

Copper Common Nail Size Guide:

 Nail Gauge Head Diameter Shank Diameter
14ga 0.200"-0.211" (5.0-5.3mm) 0.085" (2.2mm)
12ga 0.239"-0.250" (6.0-6.5mm) 0.108" (2.7mm)
10ga 0.271"-0.280" (6.9-7.1mm) 0.132" (3.4mm)
8ga 0.335"-0.347" (8.5-8.8mm) 0.161" (4.1mm)
6ga 0.392"-0.417" (10.0-10.6mm) 0.200" (5.1mm)
4ga 0.450"-0.485" (11.4-12.3mm) 0.235" (6.0mm)
0ga 0.625"-0.639" (15.9-16.2mm) 0.310" (7.9mm)


 Copper Burrs Need copper burrs to go with your nails so you can round them over to create rivets? They're hard to find, but we have them right here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Scott McLendon
Fair Wind Fasteners

Rob was extremely helpful and answered all my questions the first time I called. Hard to find that type of customer service these days. Nails and burrs arrived exactly as described and even included some red cedar seeds so I could plant my own trees!

dan notte

Super service and products

Vernon Hammersmith
Awesome product, great value!

The product at Fair WInd was far superior to anything I could find locally. I was nailing an expensive custom copper bar top to plywood. With the possibility of spilled drinks in the future, I could not risk a "galvanic reaction" between the nails and copper top. Fair Wind's copper nails are pure copper, not the "copper plated" junk you find on Amazon and the big box stores. This gives me tremendous peace of mind going forward. Their minimum order is just $15, but because their bulk prices are so reasonable, I had to order more than twice what I needed, just to make the minimum. I gladly did that, and strongly recommend this vendor. Shipping was fast and reasonable.

Keith Borgstrom

Copper Common Nails

Dave Butler
Excellent service

I’m a pretty small potato buyer, but they sure responsive to my questions and quick with my orders…very friendly!