Bronze CSK Flush Countersunk Washer
Silicon Bronze Flush Countersunk Washers
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Silicon Bronze Flush Countersunk Washers

Part Number: SB-CSKWASH-6

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Introducing our one-of-a-kind machined washers that we had made specially for us here at Fair Wind Fasteners. Made of 651 Silicon Bronze, the same alloy as our cut thread bronze wood screws, these bronze CSK washers are the perfect finishing touch for your woodworking and boatbuilding projects. Say goodbye to the frustration of split stock caused by standard screws, and goodbye to worn our screw holes on panels or hatches that are regularly removed for access. Our washers prevent this issue, and leave a meticulous "finished" look on any project. It's little details like these washers that set a good job apart from a great job.

Not only do these washers prevent splitting, but they also create a smooth, finished look that will leave your project looking pristine. The combination of washer and screw applies force like a pan or round head screw, but is counterbored to a flush position. The screw head and exposed washer rim will be at the same level, resulting in a seamless finish.

These washers are a game-changer for renovations, external trim repairs, pulling in heavy boat planks, and fine furniture. They allow you to pull warped trim or planking into place with long screws without worrying about the countersunk head of your screw splitting the timber. 

When used on access hatches or a cabin sole, the hatch can be unscrewed and then re-fastened without wearing out the surrounding timber.

Flush Fit Countersunk Washers

We recommend using a forstner bit or brad-point drill for the counterbore hole to ensure a clean finish with no tear-out, and the recommended bit sizes are below.

Specially manufactured for us here at Fair Wind Fasteners, these silicon bronze flush mount countersunk washers are perfect for adding that finishing touch to your project.

Also Available in 316 Stainless Steel!

Works with any standard Flat or Oval head wood screw with 82° countersink heads.


Bronze Countersunk Washer Dimensions



#6 #6 5/16" 0.306" (~5/16") 0.154" (5/32") 0.122" (1/8")
#8 #8 3/8" 0.367" (~3/8") 0.187" (3/16") 0.156" (5/32")
#10 #10 7/16" 0.432" (~7/16") 0.216" (7/32") 0.156" (5/32")
#12 #12 15/32" 0.473" (~15/32") 0.244" (31/128") 0.168" (11/64")
#14  #14 or 1/4" 17/32" 0.543" (~17/32") 0.269" (17/64") 0.200" (13/64")

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Brunson Russum
Silicon Bronze Flush Countersunk Washers

The Silicon Bronze Flush Countersunk Washers we ordered through Fair Winds Fasteners have added a refined and elegant level of detail to our current build. They are highly consistent

David Hill
Some mighty pretty hardware

I have no immediate use for these, but I bought a dozen for me and a dozen for a friend. Between the two of us, something(s) beautiful will result.

Thomas Lyons
Five stars, plus a wish

These are absolutely brilliant, especially in a marine environment. I used them to make a repair to the cabin sole of my sailboat. They look great, allow a panel or hatch to be removed and reinstalled a million times without wearing out the wood substrate. They make it possible to use a flat head fastener slightly below the surface, without the undesirable wedging, splitting force of a flat-head type fastener. You have to countersink these, which means you need a nice, clean-cutting drill bit, such as a brad-point drill or a Forstener type drill bit. My project called for 1/4-20 bronze screws, so I ordered the 1/4 inch (or #14) size washer for my project. The outside diameter of the washer is 0.542 inches. That rounds up to 35/64, which is a special order size. So my one wish is that the diameter of these was a bit more standard. But they are a brilliant product, give a great look to my project, and I will order again for sure. Plus, now I am the only guy in the state of Vermont with a 35/64 brad point bit. So I have that going for me.

Gary Korsgaden
Service and Product Outstanding

Could not be better great and the product what the "doctor" ordered

Order, receive, repeat.

Sometimes I’m not sure if fasteners I choose will meet my needs so I cautiously order a few to test. Happy with my choices, then I order what I think I will need after adjusting the length or width a little. I have never been disappointed with any of my purchases from Fair Wind! All aspects of commerce from these guys (order turnaround, packing, price and customer service) is outstanding!