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Silicon Bronze Ring Shank Threaded Nails

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We do things a bit differently at Fair Wind Fasteners, and instead of forcing the customer to purchase by the pound, we sell these individually. Rather than be stuck with extra nails, you can purchase exactly the amount that you require

  • Enter the exact amount of nails that you'd like in the quantity box above and we'll make sure you get precisely what is needed.

These ring shank silicon bronze nails are made of 655 Silicon Bronze alloy, and the rings on the shanks of these nails will prevent them from backing out. Often referred to as threaded nails, these ring shanks are popular with boat builders, but can also be used in other applications such as roofing or flashing in place of Copper Nails, as they won't react with copper.

Silicon Bronze Ring Nail Dimensions:

Gauge Penny Size  Head Diameter Shank Diameter
15 2D 0.188" - 0.208" (4.8-5.2mm) 0.080" - 0.081" (2.0-2.1mm)
14 2D 0.188" - 0.215" (4.8-5.5mm) 0.090" - 0.098" (2.0-2.4mm)
12 4D 0.257" - 0.280" (6.5-7.1mm) 0.117" - 0.121" (2.9-3.1mm)
10 8D 0.321" - 0.353" (8.2-9.0mm) 0.141" - 0.148" (3.6-3.8mm)
8 16D 0.401" - 0.423" (10.2-10.7mm) 0.171" - 0.185" (4.3-4.7mm)
6 20D 0.450" - 0.461" (11.4-11.7mm) 0.192"- 0.196" (4.8-5.0mm)


Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews

3” by 8 gauge (16d) worked really well. Great quality and fast shipping. Nail heads could be slightly more perfectly round and consistent is the only thing to improve on. Great company to do business with.

H d Parsons
All worked out well!,

Great communication, when parcel company totaled the box and returned. Got it back out and in super indestructible shipping boxes…parcel company tried again to destroy…. And to no avail… they arrived safely…. Will work with again!! Thanks

Perfect replacement for some missing nails

I'm fixing up a 1958 Sailfish that had some missing nails and some nails that lost their heads. You can really feel these bite the wood when you hammer the down.

Jeff Irwin
Just what I needed.

Worked well. arrived quickly. the heads are a little smaller then other brands i have used

Joe Loughborough

good service!