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Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts - FairWindFasteners
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Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts

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Our carriage bolts, often also referred to as coach bolts, are of the highest quality available, and made of a solid 655 Silicon Bronze alloy. 

Our carriage bolts are partially threaded, with a fully bodied shank and beautifully cut threads, unlike the "carriage bolts" that our competitors carry. The full bodied shank will mean a stronger bolt, and one that will seal nicely in it's clearance hole. As with all of our bronze fasteners, we've carefully chosen our supplier here so that we are only selling the highest quality bronze carriage bolts available.

Round head, square neck.

Meets ANSI/ASME B18.5 Standard Specifications:

ANSI Standards for Carriage Bolts

The formula for determining thread length is: Bolts 6 in. and shorter, 2 diameters plus 1/4 in. Bolts over 6 in. 2 diameters plus 1/2 in. If bolts are too short to apply the formula, the thread will be extended as close to head as possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Andrew K
Looking Good

I haven’t had the opportunity to use any of my purchases. That won’t happen for a few weeks yet. However, my initial evaluation of their quality is good.

Kevin Kenney
Silicon Bronze fasteners

Fair Wind is a great resource for hard to find silicon bronze fasteners. And the carpenter's pencil was a nice surprise!

Greg C.
First Rate Quality, Price and Service

I am restoring a 1956 Chris Craft Sportsman and I rely on Fair Wind Fasteners for all my silicon bronze fasteners. There have been a few times where I unexpectedly needed more fasteners to keep my project going and Fair Wind Fasteners has always had product on hand that ships out the same day. I couldn't be happier with Fair Wind Fasteners!

Shelley Destruel

Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolts

Christopher Martin
Service, quality, speed - a rarity!

Normally, the old adage is, "fast, good, cheap; pick two." Rob is an internet commerce rarity. He is responsive to emails and questions, there is enough information to figure out what I needed, to expect exactly what I received, and I received them quickly. You'll pay more than you would at Lowes, but you'd be crazy to use a brass screw from Lowes as a load bearing fastener on a boat. The cost is extremely reasonable for what is received, and if you only need one bolt, that's what he'll sell you. Fair Wind is now my preferred vendor for Silicon Bronze fasteners.

By the way, I've heard people bad-mouth copper-based alloys for load bearing applications, thinking how soft and malleable it is. Don't count it out! Silicone bronze is about half the strength of stainless steel, and it has other excellent properties.
651 Low-Silicone Bronze
316 Stainless Steel