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Copper Rose Head Boat Nails
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Rose Head Square Shank Copper Boat Nails

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While many sellers will offer them by the pound, we allow you to purchase the exact amount of copper nails you require. Just enter the exact quantity of nails you desire in the "Quantity" box above. Quantity discounts will be automatically applied in your cart.

Manufactured from 100% Pure Copper, these traditional rose head, square shank copper nails can be used for riveting or face nailing in your application. The rose head is not only decorative and aesthetically pleasing, but it larger and stronger than the flat head that is found on copper common nails. When bucking, or using these nails as rivets, the raised rose head will also assure force is being applied down the center line of the nail.

Commonly just referred to as "Copper Boat Nails," these will give your project that old classic, traditional wood boat look with their vintage style decorative rose head and remain corrosion free for decades to come.

The handy chart below specifies the dimensions of both the head and shank for the rose head copper nails we offer:

 Nail Gauge Shank Diameter Head Diameter
14 0.082" (2.1mm) 0.187"-0.195" (4.8mm-5.0mm)
12 0.111" (2.8mm) 0.230"-0.237" (5.8mm-6.0mm)
10 0.127" (3.2mm) 0.288"-0.297" (7.3mm-7.5mm)
0.164" (4.1mm) 0.381"-0.395" (9.7mm-10.0mm)
0.194" (4.9mm) 0.413"-0.428" (10.5mm-10.9mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Eric Russell
great to find these nails

I felt so lucky to find these great solid heavy copper nails. I am using them to attach a 1½" wide texured copper rim to the edge of the table. They are sturdy enought to do the job perfectly.

Andrew Bartleman
Exactly as described

Good quality copper nails, arrived without significant tarnish so they must be pretty new. Shipped fast! I'm satisfied.

Andrew Aucoin
Shop with confidence!

Very happy with my experience at Fair Wind Fasteners. Square shank rosehead hardened copper nails aren't easy to find! Great selection of hard to find items with good quality and consistency. The prices were fair and the shipping was prompt!

Kimberley Elmore
What I was hoping for

Everything I hoped.

Jonathan Sinaiko
silicon brnze screws

quick reliable