Watch Chuck Jenkins of Jenkins Boat Works fasten his canoe with Fair Wind Fasteners

Bronze Screws in Your Canoe!

Bronze Screws For attaching canoe gunwales

We always love to hear from our customers about the projects they are undertaking. In fact, if you have a project of your own (whether it floats or not!) we'd love to hear about it. Get in touch and we'd be happy to feature your project on our website or social media.

In this case, I couldn't help but point out the video made by Chuck Jenkins up at Jenkins Boat Works.

Chuck has been making quality, instructional YouTube videos for years, and is a great resource when it comes to wood canoe building. His videos will take you all the way from the initial lofting process and setting up your strongback to the finishing stages of attaching the gunwales. If you don't know about his channel on YouTube I highly suggest giving it a look as well as subscribing.

In Chuck's latest series he has been building a Freedom 17 canoe and it is coming out absolutely beautifully. He has 22 Episodes already made about building this canoe, so if you yourself are interested in cedar strip canoe building, or even specifically wanting to build the Freedom 17 his channel is a great resource.

We here at Fair Wind Fasteners are particularly pleased that he has been a repeat customer and is so happy that he's chosen to give us a bit of a "shout out" on one of his latest videos. He's using #8 x 1-1/4" and #8 x 1" Silicon Bronze Wood Screws to attach the gunwales on his Freedom 17 Canoe and will show you how:


This isn't the first time we've had happy customers mention us on YouTube. Leo Goolden with Sampson Boat Co is building an epic yacht over in Washington and it's planked with some of our fasteners as well. Check out some of what he has to say too while you're having that boatbuilding YouTube binge.