Silicon Bronze Fasteners: The Perfect Match for Tufts & Batson's Bespoke Creations

While the vast majority of our customers use our high quality silicon bronze and 316 stainless steel fasteners on their boat projects, we do cater to a wide variety of folks that simply want the best and have a keen eye for detail. We often supply high-end furniture and hardware creators and manufacturers that require fasteners that meet their high expectations, and today we'd like to feature one of those companies that utilizes our fasteners in their gorgeous creations.


Luxury Fly Rods

Tufts and Batson are a husband and wife team in St. Louis Missouri that specialize in high-end, custom crafted fly fishing rods that are both a beauty to behold, and perform at the top of their class. Their fishing rods are as much a piece of art as they are a functional tool, and you can see from their photo gallery the amount of craftsmanship that goes in to each and every rod they produce.

However, bamboo fly fishing rods don't use a whole lot of fasteners as one can imagine! But at Tufts & Batson the craftsmanship doesn't end when the final coat of varnish goes on a rod. Each fly fishing rod they produce of course comes with a case, and some of those cases are just as beautiful and functional as the rods themselves.

Gabe Batson recently shared with me some photos of a case that they had created for a particularly discerning customer. The customer had previously purchased a bespoke rod and case, and upon seeing the quality desired some equally beautiful luggage to go with it. The customer requested a case that exuded a classic, luxurious beauty that looked like it belonged at any Four Seasons Hotel. It had to have the durability to withstand a lifetime of travel, but still be lightweight, and it should be built to to the same quality of a boat and be able to live underwater with no ill effects on it's structure.

Suitcase Front

Fair Wind Fastener's silicon bronze ring nails attach the rosewood slats it's made of as well as the seal around the lid and our silicon bronze wood screws securely fasten the handle as well as interior details on this ultra-lux case. Heads of our fasteners were machined in to various ornate shapes to be used on this case, such as diamonds, hexagons, and flowers. All in all, it's a rod case that does indeed look as though it can be brought alongside the finest luggage in any five star hotel, but could also be put to sea due to it's robust construction and choice of materials.

Case Top

I highly encourage anyone reading to head on over to their website and have a look at the beautiful objects that are created by Tufts & Batson. We're proud that Fair Wind Fasteners have met their (clearly) high standards for quality, and as always very pleased to see what they are creating in a workshop that doesn't settle for "good enough".

If you also have a project that you'd love to show us, we'd also love to see it! Share your projects with us by e-mailing: