Master Shipwright Lou Sauzede of "Tips from a Shipwright" Prefers Fair Wind Fasteners

When true masters of the trade use and appreciate a quality fastener from Fair Wind Fasteners, you know it's the right stuff.

As you know, Fair Wind Fasteners is a quality focused company that sources and supplies the highest quality silicon bronze available on the market today. We've taken the time to send our fasteners out for alloy testing, check tolerances, and provide true cut thread wood screws.

If you haven't seen Lou Sauzede's "Tips from a Shipwright" YouTube channel I highly recommend checking it out. It's chock full of great information from master shipwright right here in Rhode Island.

In this video Lou is using some of our #12 Wood Screws on the second layer of bottom planking on his work skiff. Watch him drive our Fair Wind Fasteners home: